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Broaden ypur horizons by living in another country for a year abroad. There is no better way to learn about another country, its customs and the way of life of its people than by experiencing it firsthand. As a foreign exchange student, you will eat food native to the country of your destination, experience new traditions and learn the way people your own age live day to day. More students every year enhance their lives participating in a study abroad program. You will gain skills you could never have learned by staying home.

What are the Requirements?
The requirements for the participation in the Semester & Year programs are:
» High School, College, University student or equivalent
» Age between 15 to 18 years for High School Abroad, 18+ for College/University
» 2 years high school level or equivalent of Foreign language preferred
» Good academic level (overall GPA of at least a C)
» Maturity to adapt to new environments and be open-minded
» Successful score in a personal interview

Application Deadlines
Keep in mind each (country) program has a different application deadline. Custom programs will have custom deadlines.

How to get Started
If you meet the requirements for the program in which you would like to participate, your next step is to complete the full application, email us an electronic copy then send it in by mail with your deposit. Your student interview may be conducted before or after you send in your full application.

Tuition includes:
– Homestay living accommodation including meals with your host family
– School Tuition included in all programs which have an Academic component including Year, Semester, Trimester and Summer Language & Culture Programs
– Airport transfers on arrival and departure
– 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance throughout the program
– Pre-departure and in-country orientations

Program does not include:
– Airfare- students are met at the airport by a program representative
– Passport and visa application fees as applicable
– Personal expenses (e.g., toiletries, clothing, internet, calling card, activities)
– School expenses (e.g., uniform/lunches, if required, supplies, bus pass)
– Any other item not specified

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