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Two Worlds United Summer Abroad programs offer the thrill of living in a the country of your selection with a host family and knowing a different culture by personal immersion.
Two Worlds United Summer Programs Abroad are one to 8-week summer homestay programs designed to allow students to participate in a homestay without missing high school in their home countries.
Students live with a carefully selected host family in the destination country of their choice. Host families welcome their new “son” or “daughter” in all day to day activities. Summer program participants can also look forward to summer excursions with the host family as families in the US, Spain, France and Italy typically like to “enjoy their summers” by going to the beach, and taking vacations and weekend excursions.
All individual summer study abroad include the option of enrolment in intensive language classes, and some have an in-country travel adventure component at the end of the program. Or try combining Language Courses on Weekdays and Student Travel Excursions on weekends by enrolling in a Group Summer Program, individual applicants can be assigned to a group or you can form your own group to travel with your classmates or friends. Registration deadlines are approximately one month prior to the start of each term. Students must be officially registered to the Summer Study Abroad program and receive written confirmation from the Two Worlds United admission office.

General Summer Program Requirements
» Students from High School, College, University or equivalents
» Age between 14 to 25 years for all summer programs
» No language requirements for all summer programs
» Average academic level (overall GPA of at minimum a C- preferred, call for exceptions)
» Maturity to adapt to new environments and is open-minded
» Successful score in a personal interview

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